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M S L A  3D  Prin ter
Ge at  Det ails  and  Affor dable

Get Rid of Leveing Jobs

Free leveling design, and the build plate won't lose it's leveling condition even taking the model off violently.

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Humanized design Resin Vat

You can directly put the resin vat on the desk without worring about the FEP polluted.

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Why Elfin2 can present more details?

The accuracy of the model is determined by the uniformity of the lighting source. Compare to Matrix UV Lighting, NOVA3D Intergrated build V2 lighting source has better performance in uniformity.

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光源 光源

WIFI Conect

Conect your printer and PC under same WIFI condtion, you can directly transfer printing file to Elfin2's inner build 8G memories, then quickly start your printing.

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How to satrt your printing with Elfin2?

With Elfin2, You can start your printing jobs without any printing experience. You don't need to do leveling jobs or assemble anything, just pour the resin and start it's ready to go.

Choose Model

Put your STL file to NOVA Maker, add support, slice the file.

Transfer printing file

Via an U-disk or just WIFI transmission, you can find the printing file on the printer.

Model Processing

After remove all the suports, clean the model, a secondary cure was requiring.

Garage Kits

With Elfin2, You can print fine details garage kits. Enjoy the happy time.


Bring your jewellery design to life, you can get more inspiration.

Design Verification

With Elfin2,You will get higher precision parts, your prototype verification job would be more easy.

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