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Bene4 Mono

Desi gned  for  Prototy pe Ve rific ation
± 0.05m m (M odel  Siz e Toler ance)

The difference between 2K and 1080P

2560*1620PX Provides better smooth printing surface compare to 1080P printing screen.


Lifespen compare

Mono LCD has a much longer lifespan and stable performance during long term printing. It means you can save your maintance cost with mono screen.


Half printing time

Mono screen reduce the normal exposure time to 1.5s-1.8s, printing with (max) 60mm/h. You can finish you printing job within half time compare to normal screen.

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#3 Generation Crystal Light Source

Compare to #2 Generation Crystal Light Source, B4 was equipped the #3 generation light source whose light uniformity increased by 10%. Your printing model size tolerance come to ±0.05mm, it means you can get an extremely precise model to finish your prototyping job.

More Details

光源 光源

Incredible Part Quality

Applying Bene4 in your project, Gets a helpful model to check everything. Compare the appearance, size and even check whether each buckle fits.

  • 45um

    XY Resolution
  • 1h

    Print Time

Phone Prototyping

After completing the design of the mobile phone case, the designer only took 2 hours to obtain samples and get the customer’s approval.

  • 45um

    XY Resolution
  • 2h

    Print Time

Air Pods Improve Design

Improve the design to help Airpods charging box get a larger battery capacity. Each of components inside the charging box must be extremely precise, otherwise the assembly jobs can't be completed.

  • 45um

    XY Resolution
  • 3h

    Print Time


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Free Leveling Design

Compare to steel ball leveling design, NOVA3D patent platform design is easier to use. The platform would keep leveling state even with violently operation. It means you can forget the leveling jobs as long as the leveling screws are not loose.

More Details

nova stan
  • b4_p5_2.png

    Better Linear Guide System

    • Items Bene4 Other Brand
    • Slide rail 20mm 15mm
    • Slide Block Ball bearing Plastic
    • Liear Guide Cost 2.6*other brand Cheap
  • b4_p5_3.png

    User friendly resin vat design

    You can pick the resin vat up directly by the handle, then put the it on the desk directly without worrying FEP film pollution. All these designs can brings great user convenience during your dally use.

  • b4_p5_4.png

    4.3 inches screen, easier to control

    4.3 inches screen, simple interface, brings great control experience.

  • Bene4盖子
  • Bene4机身
  • Bene4滑块
  • Bene4丝杆
  • Bene4料槽
  • Bene4平台
  • Bene4屏幕
  • Bene4脚钉

Fast screen-exchange design
save your maintenance time

  • 快拆机身
  • 快拆主板
  • 快拆屏幕线
  • 快拆盖板
  • 快拆螺丝
  • 快拆屏幕

Built-in 8G memory, It is more stable to print directly without a U disk.


The printing noise is as low as 0 decibels, like a person talking in a low voice.

机身 导轨 平台 模型
分贝仪 0

130mm*70mm*150mm printing size, printing volume is bigger than normal 5.5 inches 3d printer.

机身 导轨 平台 模型

How to satrt your printing with Bene4?

With Bene4, You can start your printing jobs without any printing experience. You don't need to do leveling jobs or assemble anything, just pour the resin and start it's ready to go.

Choose Model

Put your STL file to NOVA Maker, add support, slice the file.

Transfer printing file

Via an U-disk or just WIFI transmission, you can find the printing file on the printer.

Model Processing

After remove all the suports, clean the model, a secondary cure was requiring.

Garage Kits

With Bene4, You can print fine details garage kits. Enjoy the happy time.


Bring your jewellery design to life, you can get more inspiration.

Design Verification

With Bene4,You will get higher precision parts, your prototype verification job would be more easy.

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离形模 树脂 料槽