NOVA3D Bene6 Resin 3D Printer with 6.6'' 4K LCD

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  • 【6.6" Screen & HD 4K+ Monochrome 】Increased the print detail accuracy by 30%, and the print size by 15%! This NOVA3D BENE6 resin 3d printer adopt a 6.6-inch,4k+ Monochrome LCD screen. Which's ultra-high resolution of the Monochrome LCD screen makes your printing easier and more successful, Making the detail of the model is increased by 30%. Compared with the previous B5, the screen size of this MSLA 3D Printer isincreased by 15% as well, Making your imagination has no boundaries!
  • 【Super stable Z axis】Improved the stability of the Z axis by 50%! This resin 3d printer has made a big breakthrough in the stability of Z axis. The lead screw is thickened from 1 mm to 6 mm, and the nut is made of pure brass. These improvements are further substitutes The stability of the z-axis reduces the appearance of water ripples, allowing you to have a better experience!
  • 【 Large Print Volume & Universal Compatibility 】Maximum printing support improved to 5.6*3.5*7.1 inch! Compared with B5,The Nova 3d Bene6 resin 3d printer's printing size has increased by 15%, which further liberates your printing boundaries. In addition, this machine can still use different models and brands of 405nm resin
  • 【4th Generathion COB light source&Nearly silent printing】Adopting the latest 4th-generation light source!Which grealty ensure the stability and uniformity of the light source, and provide a guarantee for the high detail of the model. In addition, the noise of Nova 3d Bene6 MSLA 3D Printer is only 15 decibels, allowing you to have a quiet environment while providing high-quality printing services.
  • 【Warranty and Service】 We could provide 1 year warranty and technical support for Bene6. Also 6 months warranty for 4K+ Monochrome Screen. Any further assistance please contact with our supports for help immediately.

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